RPM Creations Ent. - Logo arrival

The new Logo design is here... My first short film is up next and is yet to be started... PLease feel free to let me know how it looks.

RPM Creations Ent. from Madhu Vijayakumar on Vimeo.


Been a long time since i have done something with lighting and colours!


RPM Creations Inc. - Day Dreamers Trailer

A trailer of my latest short movie that am working on.

My attempt in this project is To experience the art of Movie Making and establish myself in it.


Updated Demo Reel


Networking Logo

Logo For a Private Networking Company from Madhu Vijayakumar on Vimeo.

Logo for a private networking company.

Optix Works

Rotoscoping Project - Madhu from Madhu Vijayakumar on Vimeo.
Rotoscoped 2 out of 6 shots for George Brown Commercial at Optix. Digital Pictures.
Colour Corrected Sweat on the shirt.

Dinousaur Models - For a TV series